Over-Carry Request

Arrangements can be made for a pilot to remain onboard a ship (over-carriage) subject to the provision of adequate notice and availability of pilots. Over-Carriage requests are to be submitted as a contingency plan for occasions when it is unsafe for the pilot launch to disembark the pilot.

Charges for this service are outlined in the Southampton Pilotage Tariff. Vessels overcarrying pilots must provide suitable accommodation, sustenance, and lifesaving equipment for the pilot. An agent will be required to arrange and pay all associated costs. Hotel and transportation should reflect the pilot’s status as a senior marine professional. Pilots will need to be returned to an agreed location with Southampton VTS.

Vessels agents will be responsible for:

  1. Providing ABP with adequate notice and requesting pilot availability
  2. Arranging transport for pilots as agreed with Southampton VTS
  3. Managing ship ETA/ETDs and time changes
  4. Contacting 3rd party pilot service providers and arranging pilot disembarkation (where required) – see information below
  5. Keeping Soton Pilots updated in regard to progress and arrangements
  6. Resolving charges associated with over-carriage

Southampton VTS will assist with any queries and are available to advise on logistics.

Southampton VTS will supply a pilot, if available, but will not be able to make any further arrangements on behalf of the agent.

An administration charge may be applied in accordance with the Southampton Pilotage Tariff.

Click here to download the Over-Carriage Request form

Please contact ABP Port Planning for any queries


  1. Agent to keep ABP and Brixham pilotage closely advised of ETA. 
  2. Call Brixham pilots one hour before arrival on VHF 09 or mobile +447907 106 528.
  3. Advise your ships health, reportable illnesses on board, Covid status.
  4. Advise max arrival draught and freeboard (note if freeboard is greater than 9 m, personnel will require a combination of accommodation ladder and pilot ladder, to comply with IMO regs)
  5. Pilot launch will meet approximate 1.1/2 miles north-east of Berry Head at pilot boarding station position LAT 50.25.00 N Long 003.25.70 W,
  6. Position will be confirmed when contact is made via VHF 09.
  7. Pilot launch will require a maintained speed of 5 to 6 knots for transfer. Pilot ladder 2 m above water on leeward side

Rockfish Restaurant
New Fish Quay


+44 (0) 1803 220696
+44 (0) 7771 887378


  1. Contact pilot launch provider to confirm the service is available
  2. Agent to complete Falmouth’s pilot request form
  3. Agent to book ABP Pilot transport and Falmouth Launch
  4. Agent to inform ship of pilot boarding / disembarking location and time
Falmouth Pilot Services
44 Arwenack Street
TR11 3JQ


01326 211 395
07836 661 668


Contact pilot launch provider to confirm the service is available

Agent to complete Ramsgate’s pilot request form

Agent to book ABP Pilot transport and Brixham Launch
Agent to inform ship of pilot boarding / disembarking location and time

North East Spit - 51° 25’ North 001° 30’ East (3nm South NE Spit Racon Buoy)
Tongue Deep Water - 51° 25’ North 001°34’ East
N.E Goodwin Deep Water - 51°20.2’ North 001° 39’ East (3NM East of NE Goodwin Buoy) 
72-72 Harbour Parade
CT11 8LP

+44 (0)1843 572100