Air Quality Update

The air we breathe each day affects our health and our wellbeing - we all want our air to be as clean as possible. Air quality across the UK has improved steadily since the 1970s and monitoring in Southampton since 2007 shows the city is continuing this trend.

Southampton City Council is responsible for monitoring air quality in the city. It has found levels of nitrogen dioxide are above objectives set by the European Union Air Quality Directive (2008) in some areas of the city.

We are keen to play our part to continue this improvement and help the city meet the European objectives. Our revised Air Quality Strategy explains what we are already doing and our plans for the next five years.

ABP Southampton Director Alastair Welch said: “We hope that in implementing our proposed package of measures the need for the council to introduce blanket charging for HGVs across the city will be removed.

“It’s not only important that the port, our customers and the city council continue to focus on improving air quality, it’s important that we work together to accelerate those improvements and build on the significant progress that has already been made.  Our Strategy is designed to make sure we play our full part and deliver a sustainable future for the port which, as the UK’s number one export and cruise port, makes such a vital contribution to the local and national economy.”

Based on its monitoring results, the city council has developed a Clean Air Strategy for 2016-2025 to work with residents and businesses to clean up the city’s air. In addition, the government has asked all ports to produce air quality plans by spring 2019. As a major employer and a responsible neighbour, we wanted to present our plans early as we seek to play a leading role in improving emissions in the city. Our action plan document highlights the work we are already doing as well as our plans for the future.

ABP has responded to Southampton City Council's consultation to introduce a Clean Air Zone and our response can be found here

If you are a city resident, community group, local business or simply want to get involved, please get in touch and share your thoughts

Last updated 9 August 2018