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Cruise Ship Schedule

2015 Schedule

Please note that the schedule for 2015 is currently being checked and uploaded to this page and is NOT YET COMPLETE. However, a majority of anticipated calls for 2015 are now listed below.

If the vessel or date of expected call you are looking for is not shown below, this is because it has not yet been manually entered in to our system. Please revisit this page in a few weeks to look again. We will publish a further note when data entry is complete.

Accuracy of Information

Please be advised that the Cruise Ship Schedule is strictly provisional and is subject to alteration without prior notice (Please refer to our Disclaimer). More precise details can be found under 'Planned Movements' (left) within six days of the indicated arrival date. 

We feed cruise ship times and berthing details directly to this web site from ABP's own live data. The information below will be updated every 10 minutes day and night, and will always show the latest arrival and departure times known to the port.

No other website has the benefit of this live information, and in the case of any conflict, this page or our planned movements page are likely to be the most up-to date and accurate. 

Directions to the Terminals

Please note that the information below refers to the BERTH that a ship is scheduled to arrive at / depart from.

38 or 38/9 berth = QEII Cruise Terminal
46 berth = Ocean Cruise Terminal
101 berth = City Cruise Terminal
106 berth = Mayflower Cruise Terminal

for any other berth number, please check with your cruise operator for full details and see "Directions to Terminals"

For parking and directions to all of the cruise terminals, as well as local information, please click HERE or visit:



Whilst we make every effort to provide you with information that is as accurate as possible, the departure and arrival of cruise ships at ABP Southampton's cruise terminals can be affected by weather, air pressure, tidal times, technical problems and changes to itineraries by the cruise lines.

The cruise list is compiled from ABP's live shipping information.

However, we cannot accept any liability for any loss, damage or delay as a result of relying on this information. You must check (with your tour operator or cruise line) before your arrival or departure which cruise terminal a cruise ship will be berthed at, and your boarding time.