Port of Southampton

As one of the country’s busiest and most successful deep-water ports, Southampton is a natural choice for a wide range of customers and trades, with facilities to handle virtually any type of cargo. Its natural deep-water harbour and unique double tide allow unrestricted access for the world’s largest vessels. ABP Southampton provides VTS & pilotage services throughout Southampton Water and much of the Central & Eastern Solent.

Port of Southampton - Container Terminal Berth Dredging Project

We wanted to let you know about some important dredging work that will shortly be taking place alongside the container berths in the Port.
As you will know, container ships continue to get larger and we constantly invest to ensure the port can continue to service these ships as they grow.
We plan to commence work in February to widen and slightly deepen the container terminal berths - it will take place around the operation of container vessels in the port and will complete by March 15th.
This work has been approved after an extensive consultation by the regulator (the Marine Management Organisation or MMO).
We wanted to let you know about the work in advance, both so you are aware of what the dredging activity is that you may see taking place and also to apologise for any nuisance the works may cause.   
If you have any questions please email contactus@abports.co.uk.

COVID-19  - January 2021

Following the Government’s revised social distancing measures aimed at reducing the spread of the COVID-19, ABP Southampton are continuing to regularly review our advice to recreational boaters in line with Government advice.
The Port of Southampton as a Statutory Harbour Authority will remain open for commercial purposes.
The Department for Culture Media and Sport have published guidance that states, ‘There is no restriction on the type of activity you can do when exercising outdoors, provided that you are within the permitted gathering limits.’ Full details can be found here
Government guidance is to stay at home, to enforce that no-one is permitted to leave their home to stay at a second home overnight. This includes remaining on your vessel for an overnight stay both alongside a berth or at anchor.

Individuals whose circumstances permit them access to the water for recreational boating are encouraged to consider the following:
  • You should only travel locally to access the water, this should be limited to once per day, and you should not travel outside your local area.
  • Your activity should be carried out in conformance with Government regulations for social distancing and exercise, including on the shore when accessing the water.
  • Has sufficient maintenance been conducted on your vessel to ensure it remains serviceable and seaworthy, reducing the risk of needing external assistance.
  • Any other aspects which increase the risk of depending on emergency responders including experience levels and prevailing conditions.
For further information regarding leisure activity and COVID-19 please see the RYA website here.

New Personal Watercraft Video released by RYA and RNLI to encourage safe riding

The two organisations have worked in tandem with the Personal Watercraft Partnership (PWP) to curate a bite-size checklist of advice and tips for how personal watercraft (PWC) users can safely make the most of their time on the water.  
The video, ‘Top 5 ways to enjoy a day out on your PWC’, includes safety tips for PWC users as well as helpful advice on how to enjoy your time afloat whilst also causing minimal disturbance to other water users and marine wildlife.
For further information on personal watercraft safety and RYA training, please visit www.rya.org.uk/go/pwsafety.