Southampton Notice to Mariners

A list of all current Southampton Notices to Mariners is provided below. 
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Current Notices

ABP Oil Spill Contingency Plan Consultation

May 2021 - Oil Spill Contingency Plan Consultation

May 2021 - Oil Spill Contingency Plan Supporting Forms

May 2021 - Oil Spill Contingency Plan Sensitivity Maps

River Itchen Liveaboard Notices:

Notice of Removal - Moby Dick

Notice of Removal - 10mtr white Moody

Notice of Removal - 15mtr steel barge TH36

Notice of Removal - 6mtr blue hull yacht

Notice of Removal - 8mtr blue hull twin mast yacht

Notice of Removal - 9mtr white & grey catamaran 

Notice of Removal - 8mtr blue motor cabin 


April 2021 - Proposed Port Of Southampton Harbour Revision Order 

April 2021 - Final Port of Southampton HRO

April 2021 - Final Southampton HRO Statement in Support


2021 No.49 (T) Port of Southampton - Mayflower Park Pile Installation

2021 No.48 (T) Port of Southampton - LNG Bunker Operations, Ocean Dock 

2021 No.47 (T) Port of Southampton - Advance notice of large recreational event

2021 No.46 (T) Port of Southampton - Quay wall surveying

2021 No.45 (T) Port of Southampton - Seabed sampling Wc 07.06.2021

2021 No.44 (T) Port of Southampton - Empress Dock and  Southampton Water - SeaBot USV training

2021 No.43 (T) Port of Southampton - Increased Shoaling off Weston shelf

2021 No.42 (T) Port of Southampton - New Race Mark and 2021 Changes

2021 No.40 Port of Southampton - Ship assist towage in the Empress Dock

2021 No 36  Port of Southampton - Operation Wavebreaker & safety in small vessels

2021 No 32 (T Port of Southampton - Seasonal Maintenance Dredging Spring 2021 - Amendment 2

2021 No 31 (T) Maintenance Dredging Operations Hythe Marine Park. Port of Southampton

2021 No 28 Port of Southampton - Risk Assessment of Recreational Events

2021 No 21(T) Port of Southampton -  Sailing your pleasure vessel to and from the UK

2021 No 18Port of Southampton - Procedure for Online Orals Examinations for Pilotage Excemption Certificates 

2021 No 16 Port of Southampton -Directions to be Observed by Masters of Damaged Vessels

2021 No 15 Port of Southampton -Navigation and Pilotage requirements for the operation of Hydrofoil, Hovercraft and other High Speed Catamaran or Monohull Passenger Vessels

2021 No 14 Port of Southampton - Diving at Work Regulations 1997 and Commercial Operations involving ‘Swimmers’

2021 No 13 Port of Southampton - Bulk Liquids Transfer Request’ Form 

2021 No 12 Port of Southampton - Cross Solent Swims

2021 No 11 Port of Southampton - Dead Tows, Towing of Unusual Objects and Non-Routine Towage Events

2021 No 10 Port of Southampton – Hot Work Request Form - Western and Eastern Docks, Dubai Ports World (Southampton) Container Terminal

2021 No 09  Port of Southampton - Precautionary Area (Thorn Channel)

2021 No 08 (T) Port of Southampton - Pilot Boarding and Disembarkation from Vessels

2021 No 07 (T) Port of Southampton - Enhanced Surveillance Measures – Maritime Declaration of Health 

2021 No 06 (T) Port of Southampton - COVID-19 Response - Amendment to Southampton Pilotage Directions 

2021 No 05 Port of Southampton - Use of Dangerously Weighted Heaving Lines & line throwing devices - Amendment

2021 No 04 Port of Southampton – Safe speed in Southampton Water

2021 No 03 Port of Southampton - Tugs authorised for use within the Port of Southampton

2021 No 02 Port of Southampton and the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth traffic coordination and VHF communications in the Solent