Dangerous Goods

Advanced Notice of Entry of Dangerous Substances Into The Port of Southampton

On the 1st June 1987 the Dangerous Substances in Harbour Areas Regulations 1987 came into force and ABP Southampton, being the Statutory Harbour Authority, has the responsibility for enforcing Parts II and III of these regulations and regulations 19,20,32(2) and 39 in the Harbour Area against persons other than itself.

Regulation No 6 which falls within Part II of the regulations deals with the notice of entry of dangerous substances into the Harbour Area, and these guidance notes are intended to assist Masters, Shipowners, Agents and Transport Operators in preparing the information required by the Harbour Master.

Application to The Port of Southampton

Masters of vessels carrying dangerous or polluting goods and bound for the Port of Southampton are required to complete a checklist of information in Accordance with Schedule II of the regulations before entering the Southampton Pilotage Area.

Two copies of Schedule II should be prepared; one copy to be handed to the pilot on boarding and one copy to be sent in advance by Facsimile 023 8023 2991 or email to the Harbour Master, Southampton VTS.

Where the Master is carrying out his own pilotage and no Facsimile or Email facilities exist he shall inform Southampton VTS on VHF Channel 12 that the Schedule II has been completed and of any deficiencies that exist Schedule II should be passed to the Agent on arrival for onward transmission to Southampton VTS.

In order that this information is received in advance of the vessel's arrival, it is recommended that this is transmitted via email or facsimile: -

Email: southamptonvts@abports.co.uk

Facsimile 023 8023 2991

In the case of advance notification for the entry of dangerous substances entering the Harbour Area from an inland source, these alternatives are proposed:

  1. Email: southamptonvts@abports.co.uk

  2. Letter or on pre-printed form (forms available from Harbour Master) delivered to the VTS Centre, 37 Berth, Eastern Docks, Southampton

  3. Facsimile 023 8023 2991

In the event of any difficulty being encountered by shipowners, agents or transport operators on these reporting procedures, clarification may be obtained from the Harbour Master's Office at the Vessel Traffic Services Centre, Ocean Gate, Atlantic Way, Southampton SO14 3QN

Telephone 023 8060 8208