SOLFIRE is a contingency plan developed to deal with any Marine Emergency occurring within the Ports of Portsmouth or Southampton, Southampton Water, Spithead and The Solent.

Provision has been made for Marine Emergencies occurring outside the SOLFIRE area of responsibility and under HM Coastguard co-ordination, to gain access to SOLFIRE resources.

This plan has been produced jointly by the Harbour Master, Southampton and the Queen's Harbour Master, Portsmouth in consultation and agreement with the Emergency Services and Local Authorities.

The plan is a voluntary scheme intended to provide the command, control and communications structure to draw together and co-ordinate adequate resources to deal with any Marine Emergency occurring within the SOLFIRE command area.

This Plan will be supplemented by other contingency and action plans held by the Emergency Services, Local Authorities, Commercial facilities and marine related companies which will be activated as necessary.

In the event of a Marine Emergency occurring the response provided by the Initiating Authority will be graded according to defined classifications of marine emergency or incident.

Download the current SOLFIRE plan by clicking on the link below:

SOLFIRE March 2016