Tides & Weather

The Live weather information published on this page has been measured at weather stations maintained by ABP Southampton, to provide real time weather information to the VTS staff, Pilots and vessels navigating within the port area. The equipment on the Bramble Bank was partly financed by the RNLI, as part of an initiative to improve safety for all seafarers by making real time weather information publicly available. It is also supported by the SCRA. ABP Southampton co-operates with the Solentmet Support Group to make weather information available online.

Please follow the links underneath each of the tables below to visit comprehensive web sites for each weather station showing the weather data in graphical format. It is also possible to view historical and archived weather data on these dedicated web sites..

 PLEASE NOTE: "Dockhead" tide and weather data has failed due to a lightening strike, repairs inc replacement parts may take a few days. We apologise for any inconvience. (July 2017) 

Click here to visit www.sotonmet.co.uk (Dock Head Weather)


Click here to visit www.bramblemet.co.uk (Bramble Bank Weather)